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(November 10 - 16, 2003)

Lucy After Lucy

The spring of 1960 was a very emotional one for Lucille Ball... Not only did she and Desi call and end to their 19-year marriage, they also ended their 9-year run as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. Typically, both plunged ahead with their all-too-crowded work schedules -- he to run Desilu Studios, she to prepare for her Broadway debut the following fall in "Wildcat." Before leaving for New York, however, she agreed to star in a new motion picture, "The Facts of Life," opposite her old friend, Bob Hope...

"The Facts of Life," which was released to theatres 43 years ago this week, November 14, 1960, was a rather adult-themed comedy concerning two friends, married to others, who decide to have an affair. Don DeFore co-starred as Lucy's on-screen husband; Ruth Hussey as Hope's on-screen wife. Lucy and Bob plan to spend a romantic weekend together in a secluded cabin -- only to have everything, including the weather, go wrong. The film ends happily, with both returning to their original spouses.

"The Facts of Life," a Melvin Frank - Norman Panama production, was filmed over the summer at Desilu Studios. During an "opening day" press luncheon on June 2, the studio president stopped in to say hello...

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