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(November 24 - 30, 2003)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Most modern-day television programs arrange their work schedules to avoid major holidays -- but in earlier times, this was not the case. Back in the 1950s, I Love Lucy always seemed to be "in production" during Thanksgiving Week, and often filmed on Thanksgiving Day! The only year this was not true was 1952, when the show was already "on hiatus" because of Lucille Ball's pregnancy. In 1951, Desilu filmed "The Benefit" the day after Thanksgiving; in 1953, it gave the cast and crew Thanksgiving off, then filmed "Million Dollar Idea" (photo, left) on the Saturday after. In 1954, the company filmed "Ethel's Home Town" on Thanksgiving Day, and in 1955, they did "Staten Island Ferry" on Thanksgiving Day.

In 1956, the company filmed the "new" footage for that year's Christmas special during Thanksgiving week -- but those scenes were filmed without an audience, and were most likely not shot on the holiday itself.

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