Lucy Photo of the Week

(December 8-14, 2003)

With Eyes Wide Open...

Lucy and the Mertzes are thrilled when Ricky brings home a Hollywood talent scout -- they'd just love to be in his new picture. Over Ricky's objections, the man agress to let Lucy and her friends audition the next night at the Tropicana.

Lucy hires a professional dancer, "King Kat" Walsh, to do a jitter-bug number with her -- and all goes well until she drags Ricky off to have his eyes examined, and winds up with dialated pupils of her own.

"Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined," episode #77 of I Love Lucy was first telecast by CBS fifty years ago this week, on December 14, 1953. The show is remembered today not only for Lucy's wide-eyed jitter-bug dance routine, but for Vivian Vance and William Frawley's delightful rendition of "The Varsity Drag."

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