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(December 15-21, 2003)

Sentimental Anniversary...

Lucy and Ricky's 13th wedding anniversary is swiftly approaching, and the Mertzes want to throw a party. Lucy, however, would rather spend a nice, quite evening alone with her husband -- she has a candle-lit dinner all planned. When Ethel asks Lucy what big plans they have for the occasion, she fibs and says they are having dinner with Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Not wanting the anniversary to pass without notice, the Mertzes decide to have a surprise party for their friends that will begin when they get home from the dinner... When Fred and Ethel arrive at the Ricardo apartment to set up for the party -- Lucy and Ricky have to hide in the hall closet!

"Sentimental Anniversary," episode #82 of I Love Lucy was filmed by Desilu 50 years ago this week, on Thursday, December 17, 1953. It would be telecast by CBS six weeks later, on February 1, 1954. Appearing in the episode as party guests were Lucy's longtime friend, Barbara Pepper (seated far left in photo above); Desi's stand-in, Bennett Green, and Lucy's stand-in, Hazel Pierce (seated on couch, partially hidden by table).

Romantic scenes from this touching episode were used two years ago to open and close the 'I Love Lucy' 50th Anniversary Special.

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