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(December 29, 2003 - January 4, 2004)

Lucy By Request: Lucy in the 80s

Fans utilizing our Discussion Board have been asking that from time to time we set aside our usual custom of showing "classic" Lucy stills that harken back to specific shows or events, and just show pictures of our favorite redhead. This week they have asked for photos of Lucy from the 1980s...

As you might expect, many of the images we have of Lucy from that decade were generated in connection with her 1986 Life with Lucy series: the pool-side portrait (above, left) was taken by photograher Blake Little at producer Aaron Spelling's home on Lucy's 75th birthday. The portrait to its right was taken a couple of months earlier by Mario Cassilli for ABC publicity and TV Guide magazine. One of our favorite pictures, however, is that to the right, snapped on the Lucy set one week by artist Rick Carl.

Lucy was also photographed throughout the decade by paparazzi, catching glimpses of her as she entered and left various social events...

The photo -- above, left -- was taken in the early 1980s as Lucy and Gary Morton arrived at a party for Lew Wasserman. Photo -- above, right -- of Lucy and Betty White was taken in October, 1982, at a charity luncheon.

In May, 1987, when comedienne Lily Tomlin confessed she had never met Lucy, Bette Midler and producer George Schlatter arranged for the three ladies to have dinner at the fashionable Chasen's Restaurant. It was a memorable evening for all three!

Perhaps the most intriguing photos of Lucy taken in the 1980s were snapped on the set of her 1985 made-for-television movie, "Stone Pillow," in which she played a baglady. The movie was shot on location, on the streets of New York... The two photos below show Lucy getting into costume and checking her make-up, activities she had done a thousand times in her career... The lady loved to work, and nothing pleased her more than the words, "Ready on the set, Miss Ball!"

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