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(January 5 - 11, 2004)

"When I Kiss 'em, They Stay Kissed!"

To boost Ricky's publicity, his agent Jerry arranges for the Ricardos to be interviewed for a fan magazine. Even though the lady reporter hopes to do an "average day in the life of" type story, Lucy and the Mertzes go "all out" to impress her. Even Ricky dresses in a white shirt, tie, and fancy robe for breakfast. Unbeknownst by Lucy, Jerry also sends out 3000 invitations to the ladies on the Tropicana mailing list, inviting them to a romantic evening of dining and dancing. When Lucy finds one of the invitations in Ricky's pocket, she fears her husband is having an affair!

"Fan Magazine Interview," episode #83 of I Love Lucy was filmed by Desilu 50 years ago this week, on Thursday, January 7, 1954. It was telecast by CBS a month later, on February 8.

The cast included actress Joan Banks, who played the reporter, Eleanor Harris; Kathryn Card, as frumpy Minnie Finch; and Elvia Allman as one of Minnie's neighbors. Ms. Card, of course, would later join the series as a semi-regular, playing Lucy's mother.

Eleanor Harris was the name of a real-life magazine writer who, at the time of this program, was just finishing what would be the first-ever biography of Lucy -- "The Real Story of Lucille Ball," a paperback from Farrar, Straus & Young.

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