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(January 12 - 18, 2004)

Baby Talk...

Ricky plans to devote most of his vacation to taking care of his infant son -- both to give Lucy a rest, but also so he himself can spend some 'quality time' with his child. He gets things off to a great start by reciting "Little Red Riding Hood" as a bedtime story (see photos above) -- in Spanish!

Things get a little problematic, however, when Lucy finds herself with nothing to do -- then discovers Ricky and Fred so engrossed in a TV football game that Little Ricky has wandered into the hallway by himself. She decides to teach her husband a lesson as only Lucy can...

"Ricky Minds the Baby" episode #80 of I Love Lucy was first telecast by CBS Television 50 years ago this week, on January 18, 1954.

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