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(May 10-16, 2004)

Hello, Dollface!

Due to be published this week by Running Press is "The Official 'I Love Lucy' Paper Dolls," by Allan Glaser, with illustrations by Rick Carl. The book is the first-ever to accurately reproduce Lucy Ricardo's wardrobe. (Paper dolls issued in the 1950s made no such attempt.) Many of the outfits included in the collection were designed by Elois Jenssen, seen in the photo (below, left)...

Lucy's outfits ran from the rediculous to the sublime, and this exciting new book includes a great cross-sampling... Included, among many others, are Lucy's famous black-sequined "I'm gonna vamp you" gown, her gunny sack dress from Phipp's Department Store, her Marilyn Monroe outfit, and the tweed suit she wore in the Don Loper fashion show. The list goes on and on...

Each outfit is accompanied by an interesting tid-bit of information about that outfit and/or about the episodes in which it was featured. Also included are sample stills from those shows. Last but certainly not least, the book includes a fully-illustrated introductory chapter on Miss Jenssen's longtime association with Miss Ball -- and on how this wonderful new book came to be.

"The Official 'I Love Lucy' Paper Dolls" can be found soon in bookstores and "Lucy merchandise stores" near you. Buy two -- one to cut-up and one to keep forever!

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