CBS Television Division


August 31, 1951


Doing What Comes

Quite Naturally:






Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz will carry their real life domestic partnership into professional life when they team up as a husband and wife on a new CBS-TV domestic comedy series, “I Love Lucy,” making its debut Monday, October 15 (CBS-TV, 9:00-9:30PM, EST).

Lucille and Desi will be co-starred as a closely knit married couple in a situation not far removed from their real life status.  Basically, the series will revolve about the, hilarious problems in a household where the wife is stage struck, and the orchestra-leader husband doesn’t see eye to eye with her ambition for a career in show business.

All music on the show will be under the supervision of Desi Arnaz.

Sponsor is Philip Morris & Co., Ltd., Inc.

Jess Oppenheimer, who was producer-writer for Lucille Ball’s “My Favorite Husband” radio series, will be producer of “I Love Lucy.”  Oppenheimer, along with Madeline (sic) Pugh and Bob Carroll will constitute the writing team for the new CBS-TV series.  Marc Daniels, well known stage and television director, will direct.

Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball first co-starred professionally in the film “Too Many Girls.”  It was during the making of that movie that they first met, and were married.

Desi Arnaz won attention as a featured vocalist with Xavier Cugat’s band and from there went on to organize his own group of musicians.  He appeared in the stage version of George Abbott’s Broadway success, “Too Many Girls” and played his stage role in the film version opposite Miss Ball.

Lucille has appeared in a number of movies including “DuBarry Was a Lady,” “Best Foot Forward,” “Meet the People,” “Sorrowful Jones,” and “Miss Grant Takes Richmond.”  As star of the popular CBS Radio series, “My Favorite Husband,” Miss Ball played Liz Cooper, the young matron with a knack for getting herself and everyone around her involved in amusing situations.