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2003 Newsletters

December 30, 2003 –Lucy's Home in Chatsworth

Special Posting: "Happy New Year!"

Special Posting: "Lucy's Favorite Christmas"

December 15, 2003 –E-bay Buyers Be-ware!

December 8, 2003 –Whose American Heritage?

December 1, 2003 –Lucy photo on TV Guide Crosswords magazine; Jimmy Garrett on "Mr. Ed" December 14; Lucy DVD update.

November 24, 2003 –Happy Thanksgiving! New 2004 gift catalog from Lucy-Desi Gift Shop in Jamestown.

November 17, 2003 –Web site changes; Hollywood memorabilia auction December 12 includes Lucy items; Remembering Art Carney.

November 10, 2003 –Lucy Mailbag: I Love Lucy DVDs; "Ball of Fire" author on radio tonight.

November 3, 2003 – Lucy Mattel dolls on sale at Museum Gift Shop; "Ball of Fire" author on radio; Gregg Oppenheimer recreates "The Maltese Falcon; Keith Thibodeaux at Ray Courts Show in January, 2004.

October 27, 2003 – Lucy mailbag: question about remake of "The Lucy Show" and about signature on photo; Gregg Oppenheimer recreates "The Maltese Falcon."

October 20, 2003 – "I Love Lucy" DVD Infomercial filmed in Santa Monica. Mail: question about colorized "I Love Lucy" episodes on DVDs. New "burning nose" doll a sold-out best-seller! "Mame" CDs shipping today. New Jane Kean autobiography mentions Lucy.

October 13, 2003 – "I Love Lucy" marks 52nd anniversary. New "Here's Lucy" DVDs in production. Lucy-Desi Gift Shop releases 2003 Holiday Merchandise Gift Guide. Send us your photos for the web site.

October 6, 2003 – New merchandise at Lucy-Desi Gift Shop: wallets, agendas, cell-phone cases, bucket purses, box purses, tote bags, backpacks, etc. Fans needed for "I Love Lucy" VHS/DVD info-mercial. Desi Arnaz joins in "A Tribute to Dean Martin."

September 29, 2003 – Remembering Donald O'Connor. 1st season "I Love Lucy" DVDs available in boxed set. "Mame" soundtrack reissued on CD. New book: "Lucy in Print."

September 22, 2003 – Emmy angst. Selected "Here's Lucy" episodes to be released on DVD.

September 15, 2003 -  Remembering John Ritter. New Lucy costumes for Halloween. New Christmas-themed Lucy throw-blanket.

September 8, 2003 – Orders being accepted for unannounced 2004 Lucy/Mattel doll. Lucy-Desi Gift Shop clearance sale. "Best Foot Forward" soundtrack now available.

September 2, 2003 – Correction regarding Lucy Birthday posters. Hallmark 2004 Christmas ornament. Excerpt from "Ball of Fire" in September Reader's Digest.

August 25, 2003 – Reviews of "The Desilu Story" documentary. "Mame" soundtrack available soon on CD.

August 18, 2003 – "The Desilu Story" documentary to air Sunday on Bravo. Museum offers Lucy Birthday autographed posters. Keith Thibodeaux in Secaucus. New book: "Ball of Fire." New Carlton Christmas ornaments available. Mary Jane Croft automobile up for sale. Photos from recent Jamestown celebration.

August 13, 2003 – Final thoughts about Jamestown Birthday weekend. "I Love Jamestown" photo essay by Jimmy Garrett.

August 4, 2003 – Bob Hope burial site announced. Final plans for upcoming Lucy Birthday weekend in Jamestown, NY.

July 28, 2003 – Remembering Bob Hope. Links to other Hope-related articles.

July 21, 2003 – Remembering Ed Perlstein.

July 14, 2003 – Remembering Josephine Turner. Wanted: color information about Lucy outfit. TV Land Convention schedued for August. Richard and Ronald Lee Simmons to appear in Jamestown.

July 7, 2003 – Vol. 7 & 8 of Paramount “I Love Lucy” DVDs now available in stores. Rick Carl Hepburn art seen 'round the world.

June 30, 2003 – Mourning a Legend (Katharine Hepburn). Columbia House to contribute to AIDS Foundation. "The Desilu Story" airdate confirmed.

June 23, 2003 – Suzanne LaRusch to appear on HSN to sell new Lucy Vitameatavegamin doll. Mattel's now shipping new "L.A. at Last" doll.

June 16, 2003 – More Lucy merchandise in development. "Lucy's Boys" set for reunion at Jamestown's August festival.

June 9, 2003 – Bob Carroll Jr.'s artwork on display in Los Angeles.

June 2, 2003 – Glen Charlow and Mike Broad among winners of Jamestown Costume Ball contest. Plans announced for Jamestown August festival. New price structure for We Love Lucy membership. No future conventions planned. "The Desilu Story" airdate to be confirmed.

May 28, 2003 – Report and photo re Jamestown Lucy-Desi Days festival. Plans for Jamestown August festival. "The Desilu Story" documentary to air on Bravo. New Lucy books in the works.

May 19, 2003 – Off to Jamestown for "Lucy-Desi Days."

May 12, 2003 – Errors in recent "Lucy" TV biography. Dann Cahn cruise. Reminder about upcoming Jamestown weekend. Lucy mailbag: question about Harriet McCain.

May 5, 2003 – Reviews of "Lucy" made-for-TV biography. Links to Stuart Shostak review of film and still photos from film.

April 28, 2003 – "Lucy" TV biography to air on CBS Sunday. Travel Channel documentary airs tomorrow. Lucie Arnaz stars in "Once Removed" at Coconut Grove Playhouse in Miami.

April 26, 2003 – Reflections: anniversary of Lucy's death.

April 21, 2003 – Madeline Zima to co-star in upcoming "Lucy" TV biography. Lucy to be subject of upcoming Travel Channel documentary. Los Angeles-based fans interviewed for newsstories about Lucy. McKenzie Goodman loves Lucy -- at age 2. Mail bag: questions regarding Lucy Christmas gifts and Lucy calling fans on the phone.

April 14, 2003 – Photos from upcoming "Lucy" TV movie. New Lucy-themed bears in the works. Lucy fan art.

April 7, 2003 – Betsy Palmer to appear at "Lucy-Desi Days" Festival in Jamestown in May.

March 31, 2003 – New volumes available in Columbia House and Paramount "I Love Lucy" DVD series. TV Guide includes Lucy and Desi Jr. in issue celebrating magazine's 50th birthday.

March 26, 2003 – Time Magazine: 80 Days to Remember. Zo Ball cancels Jamestown visit. Info about upcoming CBS made-for-TV movie.

March 24, 2003 – Mail bag: Lucy at Oscars in 1952. Fred Ball alive and well in Arizona.

March 17, 2003 – Mail bag: Recordings of "The Wonder Show" rediscovered and available for fans to purchase. Note from Marilyn Borden. Lucy DVDs. Lucy's Emmy Awards.

March 10, 2003 – 1st TV Land Arards given. New Lucy bear on the way. New Lucy DVDs on the way; Columbia House changes disc price. Salute to Roz Borden (audio file included). "The Wonder Show" radio programs available.

March 3, 2003 – Lucy wins "Best Foot Fight" at TV Land Awards. KAAT remembers Roz Borden. Jamestown Festival to salute Roz. Vivian Vance Day in Cherryvale, Kansas. "Wonder Show" CDs to be available soon. Mail bag: Note from granddaughter of Elvia Allman.

February 24, 2003 – Lucie Arnaz to appear on NBC's "Law and Order." Lucy on "The Wonder Show." Mail bag: Lucy's TV habits, Lucy's taste in popular music.

February 17, 2003 – Suzanne LaRusch at Universal's "Sweetheart Deal" presentation.

February 10, 2003 – Lucy Tour at Harrah's in San Diego. Jack Benny Festival this weekend in Los Angeles. New "Lucy" TV-biography in production. "The Wonder Show" radio programs recently found.

February 3, 2003 – Remembering Robert Rockwell and Art Parker. Mail bag: question about Lucy's own collection of memorabilia.

January 27, 2003 – Remembering Roz Borden. Memorial service for Richard Crenna. Mail bag: questions regarding new "Lucy" DVDs; Lucy's publicity photos.

January 20, 2003 – Remembering Richard Crenna. Joe and Michael Mayer ("The Mayer Twins").

January 13, 2003 – No "Loving Lucy" Convention this summer. Ashton Drake brings back "Little Ricky" doll. Mattel Lucy dolls selling well; "L.A. at Last" doll due in July.

January 6, 2003 – New CBS "Lucy" movie starts casting. New "Lucy" bears available. Mail bag: question regarding surprising things about Lucy.

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