Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, February 9, 2004

Dear Fellow Lucy Fans,

No sooner had we published last week's message concerning the new collector bears being released, than we received an entire list of new Lucy-related collectibles coming out this spring. The list came from Ric Wyman of the Lucy-Desi Museum and Gift Shop, and rather than rewrite or paraphrase his letter, I thought I would simply attach it below...

Ric's letter mentions a new "'I Love Lucy' Paper Doll Book," and I just wanted to add that it is the creation of two longtime We Love Lucy members, Allan Glaser -- who wrote the book's introduction and descriptive copy -- and Rick Carl (our longtime club artist) -- who recreated IN COLOR over two dozen of Lucy Ricardo's most famous outfits. The book is due out in early May -- and we will be telling you more about it in the weeks to come. This one's going to be a winner!

Lastly, fans have been asking about release dates for both the second-season box set of I Love Lucy DVDs and the Best of "Here's Lucy" DVD compilation... As of this writing, both are due out in May. Both sets had originally been planned for February release, but apparently experienced production delays... We will keep you updated as we hear more.

Here, then, is Ric Wyman's letter:

Dear Lucy-Desi Fans:

With the new year comes a new line of licensed "I Love Lucy" merchandise. While most is still in production, we've been able to obtain images of the upcoming collectibles and have added them to our online store so that you, as a supporter of the Lucy-Desi Museum, are "in the know."

While there are many places that carry "I Love Lucy"merchandise, the staff and the Board of The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center in Jamestown, New York hope that all of you know how much we appreciate your support by choosing the Lucy-Desi Museum's online store as your source for "I Love Lucy" items.

The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center is able to move forward with plans for a much larger Lucy-Desi Museum and is able to continue coordinating two annual festivals each year because each of you care about Lucy and Desi's memory (and understand the importance and need for a Museum that not only cares for and preserves Lucy and Desi's personal effects, but also is dedicated to celebrating the legacy of the First Couple of Comedy).

All proceeds from the Lucy-Desi Museum's online store,, solely benefit the museum in Lucy's hometown. Thanks again, for your ongoing support. Now, on to the latest and greatest in Lucy-Desi collectibles:

Coming in May: "The 'I Love Lucy' Paper Doll Book." See it here at:

Looking for "I Love Lucy" note pads, stationery, envelopes, note cards, and more? There's a new line coming out in April from Mead! Our web store staff is "on the ball" currently uploading images of the new product. You'll find it soon at:

Now in stock: The soundtracks from two of Lucille Ball's big screen musicals: "Mame" and "Best Foot Forward." You can see all of the details here:

Looking to throw an "I Love Lucy" party? Why not decorate with heart-shaped "I Love Lucy" mylar balloons? Now in stock and ready to ship (you provide the helium!):

And check out an upcoming "I Love Lucy" shadow box:

There are six "I Love Lucy" wall posters coming soon at just $6 each. Posters are expected to ship next week. See them now at: s.html

We're also awaiting the arrival of seven new collectible "I Love Lucy" teddy bears. Three bears are limited editions from Classic Collecticritters and we will be dressed in costumes related to the following episodes: "Lucy Goes To Scotland," "Lucy Gets In Pictures," and "Paris At Last." A new line of budget priced 8.5" bears are also coming soon (and we think you'll love 'em). You can see them all at:

Coming later this year: "I Love Lucy": The Second Season DVD Boxed Set.

Click here: henware.html and you'll find links to new kitchen collectibles. A new Lucy & Ethel cookie jar ( ) is in the works for an April release. You'll also find matching recipe boxes and tin canisters too!

A new hardcover book discussing the lives of female comedians is also now on the shelves of the Lucy-Desi Museum Gift Shop. See the details at:

Next year's wall, pocket, and engagement calendars are also in the design stages. While they won't be ready to ship until July, you'll find them now at: -items-calendars.html

And finally, nothing's more popular than the series of "I Love Lucy" Barbie dolls that have been released annually since 1997. Details of the new 2004 edition can be found at the Museum's web store at: html . Pre-order yours today and you'll receive a free "I Love Lucy" gift valued at $9.95 when the doll arrives later this year. (Note: Don't hesitate on this one! Each year the Mattel dolls sell out faster than most people expect.)

If interested in adding anything here to your personal collection, we'd be happy to ship it to you directly from Lucy's hometown. Remember that anytime you pre-order a new item, your credit card won't be charged until the day the item is sent out to you. And with every purchase, you're doing your part to support The Lucy-Desi Museum. Here's hoping Jamestown, New York, and The Lucy-Desi Museum will be your destination sometime in 2004!

Ric Wyman
Executive Director
The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center, Inc.

P.S. Later this summer, the best of Lucille Ball's third weekly TV series, "Here's Lucy" will be released in DVD format. Also in the works: a new "I Love Lucy" trivia game. Stay tuned...

Have a great week everybody!


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