Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, February 23, 2004

Dear Fellow Lucy Fans,

Many thanks for the nice e-notes regarding fashion/costume designer Elois Jenssen, who passed away February 14. One fan wrote: "I always loved the outfits that Miss Jenssen did for Lucy... Even her everyday clothes were suddenly smart and spiffy. Many of the outfits Lucy wore in the real early episodes were a little on the dowdy side..."

Another said: "Elois did not just dress Lucy... She seemed to participate in the creative process, because in some instances, her outfits WERE the joke. I am thinking particularly of the Charm School get-ups that Lucy and Ethel wore. Whatta riot!"

Author Allan Glaser agrees... "There are many times that Elois' contributions 'made the moment.' I am thinking particularly of the breakaway outfits Lucy and Ethel wore for the 'Friendship' number, the Marilyn Monroe outfit, and the heavy showgirl headdress Lucy tried to wear in Hollywood. The outfits made the comedy moments believeable."

Allan and artist Rick Carl, the craftsmen behind the upcoming "I Love Lucy Paper Dolls," are hoping to do a special tribute to Elois at the August festival in Jamestown, NY. We will keep you updated as more details are known...

Jamestown Announcements Soon

Speaking of Jamestown, its Memorial Day festival is just around the corner... Ric Wyman, Executive Director of the Lucy-Desi Center, hopes to announce the event schedule NEXT WEEK... We will share with you the highlights in a future letter....

Have a great week everybody!


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