Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dear Fellow Lucyfans,

More Lucy on DVD

It has been my pleasure and honor the past few months to have worked with CBS Home Entertainment on their about-to-be-released DVD collection, The Lucy Show: Official Sixth & Final Season, due in stores on Tuesday, October 9th.

Included in the set, of course, are the 24 episodes of that 1967-68 season. Like those of Season 5, these shows were almost weekly half-hour "mini-specials," with Lucy and Gale Gordon cavorting with major guest-stars. Among the celebrities this year were Milton Berle, Jack Benny, Carol Burnett, Buddy Hackett, Phil Harris, Ken Berry, Joan Crawford, Sid Caesar, Edie Adams, Jacques Bergerac, Frankie Avalon, Dennis Day, Robert Goulet, Frank McHugh, Dick Shawn, Jackie Coogan... The list goes on... Even Vivian Vance came back to the series for two special visits!

Making these programs all the more special is the fact that many also included at-times lavish musical numbers. Gone are the days when Lucy Ricardo/Carmichael could only sing off key and bungle her way through a dance routine. This Lucy Carmichael sings and dances with the best of them -- even if some of the locales are a bit strange. (What other show ever staged a musical audition in the lobby of a bank?) But this is "musical Lucy" at her best!

Also included on the DVDs are the usual array of extras: cast lists, guest performer bios, production notes, photo galleries, etc. We were able to find some (but not all) of the original sponsor openings and closings for the various episodes, so these are included... AND, we found an Italian audio track from the international syndicated version the episode "Lucy Gets Her Diploma." It is fun to see Lucy, Gale, Doris Singleton -- and Lucie Arnaz! -- all speaking in Italian!

While we did NOT include a lot of non-Lucy Show "bonus" material (it simply was not available!), we do have a couple of goodies: a clip from Lucy's very first appearance on the then brand-new Carol Burnett Show, and her acceptance speech from the 1968 Emmy Awards telecast. The Burnett footage is especially fun -- that episode was also Tim Conway's very first appearance on the series!

Like the previous CBS releases of The Lucy Show, this Season Six package was designed to give viewers a time-capsule "look back" at a special moment in television history... I hope everyone enjoys watching these discs as much as we did preparing them!

CBS Home Entertainment is also repackaging the original I Love Lucy DVDs this fall, and I will have information about that in my next newsletter.

Many thanks for stopping by...

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