Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dear Fellow Lucyfans,

SOS: "Those Whiting Girls"

We need your help!

I recently became friends with Debbi Whiting, daughter of the late singer-actress Margaret Whiting, who starred with her sister Barbara in the Desilu sitcom Those Whiting Girls, which replaced I Love Lucy on CBS over the summers of 1955 and 1957.

Both the Whiting sisters are gone now, and Debbi is trying to piece together whatever memorabilia she can regarding her mother's career. Apparently Margaret moved around a lot -- singing on the road, etc. -- and was just the opposite of a packrat. She left behind very little...

I am trying to help Debbi find materials relating to the TV series her mom and aunt did for Desilu. High on our list of "wants" are copies of the shows themselves. (CBS has copies of the 35mm negatives, but it would be prohibitively expensive to have new prints struck just for private viewing.)

If any of our film and DVD collectors happen to have copies of any of the 26 episodes, we would be forever grateful if you would share them with Debbi. (We'd be happy to pay transfer costs, etc.) We'd also be interested in scripts, photos, reviews, etc. -- all the usual items associated with a TV program.

If you have things to share, please contact me via e-mail at

Many thanks!

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