Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, April 19, 2004

Dear Fellow Lucy Fans,

TV Land is presenting a new series of programs concerning "TV Moguls." In fact, that's the title of the series! It starts this Wednesday evening, April 21st, with a look at Desilu and the Danny Thomas TV empires. Madelyn Davis is one of the people interviewed on the Lucy segment. The program airs here on the west coast at 9PM -- but it may be at a different time in your area, so check your local TV listings to be sure!

Otherwise, there's not a lot that qualifies as "news" to report...

Many thanks for the e-letters that came in after last week's report that some of the new Lucy DVDs have been delayed. The Paramount I Love Lucy second season box set should be out in the next few weeks. We do not have a specific date as yet, but it will be soon!

A few readers asked if the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hours will be made available on DVD... While there are no current plans to issue the shows, there are also no current plans NOT to issue them... My personal feeling is that they will be issued once the entire six seasons of I Love Lucy are available. (That was the pattern a few years ago when the programs were marketed on VHS.)

Sadly, there are NO current plans to issue officially-sanctioned DVDs of The Lucy Show, which been high on many fans' "wish lists" for many years!

The Lucy-Desi Center in Jamestown, NY, has issued the information booklet for this year's "Lucy-Desi Days" festival (May 28-30). I hope you can all join us there next month... If you wish to be on their mailing list, visit their web site at:

Have a great week everybody!


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