Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, April 26, 2004

Dear Fellow Lucy Fans,

15 years ago this morning, the world awoke to the news that Lucille Ball had died. I received the call a little after 5AM from Lucy's secretary Wanda Clark; Gary Morton had just phoned her from the hospital. Within an hour we all descended on the Mortons' home in Beverly Hills, and were joined at once by Lucie and Larry Luckinbill; Desi and Amy Arnaz; Frank Gorey, and the rest of the Mortons' staff.

The rest of that day and the three or four that followed are something of a blur... I remember answering Gary's phone -- it was the White House calling with condolences. It was the first of what would be literally thousands of such calls to be received over the next few days... By noon, when I arrived at our Lucille Ball Productions office, the 2-hour answering machine tape was full: messages had come in from news bureaus, business associates, friends and fans the world over. All three incoming lines flashed with new calls throughout the day.

Fans and well-wishers stood for hours in front of her Beverly Hills home. Others congregated on Hollywood Boulevard, and signed a memorial card that started the size of a piece of poster-board, but eventually stretched the length of a city block. Lucy, quite simply, had been part of everyone's life, and everyone felt the loss. Someone dear to all the world had passed.

Hugs to all who miss her, too... Until next time...


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