Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, May 17, 2004

Dear Fellow Lucy Fans,

Remembering Tommy Farrell

Our condolences to the family and friends of prolific character actor Tommy Farrell, who passed away Sunday, May 3, at the Motion Picture and Television Fund hospital. Farrell, who died of natural causes, was 82.

The son of actress Glenda Farrell, Tommy appeared in dozens of B-westerns and countless television programs. He was a regular on The Adventures of Rin Tin tin in the 1950s, and made frequent appearances on Dobie Gillis and Bourbon Street Beat. Farrell is remembered by Lucy fans for his many appearances on The Lucy Show and Here's Lucy. One of his first was in a 1965 episode, "Lucy and the Beauty Doctor," one of the last Lucy shows to feature Vivian Vance.

Subsequently, Tommy appeared in "Lucy Dates Dean Martin" (The Lucy Show, 1966); "Guess Who Owes Lucy $23.50?" (Here's Lucy, 1968 -- with guest-star Van Johnson); "Lucy Helps David Frost Go Night Night" (1971); "Lucy and the Chinese Curse" (1972); "Lucy and Petula Clark" (1972); "Lucy the Wealthy Widow" (1973 - with guest-star Ed McMahon); and "Lucy and Phil Harris" (1974).

Desi Honored by Cuban Refugees

Desi Arnaz was in the news again last week -- this time being honored by the survivors of the ill-fated 1961 Bay-of-Pigs invasion. Arnaz donated money to help finance the freedom of thousands of Bay of Pigs fighters captured by Cuban government forces. Last week, members of the Cuban-American community in Miami wanted to say "thank you." Representing Arnaz at an event sponsored by the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association were his daughter Lucie and granddaughter Kate Luckinbill.

Desi reportedly donated some $50,000 to a commission headed by Eleanor Roosevelt that arranged to send $53 million worth of food, medicine and farm equipment to Cuba in exchange for the prisoners' release. Lucie indicated that while she had never heard that her father had donated such money, she said it would be consistent with his character and his sympathies.

Lucy-Desi Museum Offers Spring Merchandise

The gift shop of the Lucy-Desi Museum in Jamestown, NY, has released its Spring, 2004 brochure of new merchandise. Included are over 3 dozen new Lucy-related items. The brochure itself is a colorful keepsake (see photo, right).

Not included in the brochure are two just-released items: an I Love Lucy charm bracelet and the long-awaited "Best of Here's Lucy DVD Boxed Set." Both are featured in the "New & Upcoming Items" section of the gift shop web site. For complete information, visit the site at:

Mattel's Newest Lucy Doll Unveiled

Among the items that ARE featured in the Museum's brochure is the latest in the long line of Lucy dolls from Mattel. This one (due out in mid-summer) features Lucy Ricardo in one of her trade-mark polka dot dresses, as seen in Episode #45, "Sales Resistance."

While we have always been a BIG fan of these Mattel dolls -- we DO wish they would do better research when it comes to the color of the Lucy fashions. A few years ago, they issued Lucy in the outfit she wore when she told Ricky they were going to have a baby. The original was dark brown -- Mattel made theirs green. This year, the polka-dot dress is blue, when the original was green! A simple phone call or e-mail would have made the outfits totally correct. Oh, well... the dolls are otherwise wonderful!

Three More Lucy Bears

Collecticritters, meanwhile, has announced the released of three more in its line of Lucy-inspired stuffed bears. These three are reminiscent of "Ricky's Movie Offer" (Lucy as Marilyn Monroe); "The Ballet;" and "The Camping Trip." Each bear is 9.5 inches tall and is a numbered limited edition of only 1,500.

That's all the news for now... Have a great week everybody!


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