Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, July 5, 2004

Lucy: DVD Updates

Last week, Paramount Home Video released Bob Hope and Lucille Ball's 1950 feature, "Fancy Pants," on DVD. There's not much in the way of Bonus Material included on the disc, but the picture itself is well worth the $14.99 list price. The picture, of course, is a remake of the classic, "Ruggles of Red Cap," with Hope masquerading as a butler for Lucy's well-to-do family.

Gregg Oppenheimer, meanwhile, is hard at work transferring the third and fourth seasons of I Love Lucy to DVD... Subscribers to the Columbia House release of this series are already enjoying the first discs for Season Three. Paramount Home Video will release Season Two as a boxed set (all 31 episodes on 5 discs) on August 31st. The list price is $69.99. Gregg reminds us that you can pre-order a copy of the "I Love Lucy: The Complete Second Season" DVD Box Set at:

Second Season Box Set

It costs less than $50, the shipping is free, and if you buy it by following the above link, your purchase will benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation!

And from our We Love Lucy Mailbag:

Fan Brock Weir, who resides in Canada, wrote to ask if we had any plans to resume our We Love Lucy On the Radio series that we initiated back in 2002. (We did periodic 2-3 hour Saturday night radio shows with a local station here in California, and the programs were simul-cast over the internet.)

We liked doing the shows very much, and had listeners all over the world... but, sadly, the answer is no... The station that hosted the programs no longer subscribes to the service that provides the internet link... We have been tempted to create our own shows (without the station) and upload them to the internet, but the cost factor is a little steep. We'd almost have to do it on a subscription basis, with fans paying a fee... and I am not sure how many would be willing to do that...

That's the news from here... Have a great week!


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