Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, September 27, 2004

Fellow Lucyfans,

The Lucy-Desi Museum Gift Shop in Jamestown, NY, has issued another of its periodic Merchandise Guides. This one contains photos and information about two dozen great Lucy items -- everything from Elisabeth Edwards' forthcoming book, "Lucy & Desi: A Real Life Scrapbook" (due out October 12), to the new "Here's Lucy" DVDs, to dolls, Christmas ornaments, Lucy pajamas, a charm bracelet, various kitchen gadgets, etc. Literally something for everyone...

Members get these brochures as part of their membership (so JOIN a'ready!), but non-members can also see the merchandise on the Gift Shop web site at:

Coming soon is the 2005 edition of the Gift Shop's annual catalog. It seems like only yesterday when there were only a few items of Lucy merchandise on the market. Now there are literally thousands, and these beautifully designed catalogs feature the latest and greatest... Again, they are just another great bonus to joining the Museum.

Have a great week everybody!


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