Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, October 18, 2004

Fellow Lucyfans,

Lucy & Desi Scrapbook

Many thaks for all the e-mails regarding "Lucy & Desi: A Real-Life Scrapbook," by Elisabeth Edwards... Sample comments:

From Mark Easley: "I bought the Lucy/Desi Scrapbook last night and I cannot say enough about it. I felt like I was in her living room on Roxbury Drive and looking through her scrapbooks. This is the nicest thing I have seen in years... NO, it IS the nicest thing put out since her death. This is superb, the most interesting thing I have ever had about Lucy!"

From Bill Graff: "I can't believe what a great job Elisabeth Edwards did with the new Scrapbook. It really does make one feel like one understands Desi and Lucy so much better. Kudos to her!"

Even TV Guide got into the act, including a mention of the book in this week's "Insider" section: "Lucille Ball never threw anything away -- and for her fans that's a good thing... Author Elisabeth Edwards combed through the comedienne's trove of showbiz ephemera to produce Lucy & Desi: A Real-Life Scrapbook of America's Favorite TV Couple... It features removable reproductions of marriage certificates, newspaper clippings and notes from legendary stars.".

Mixed Nuts

Also new in the bookstores is "Mixed Nuts: America's Love Affair with Comedy Teams (from Burns & Allen to Belushi & Aykroyd)," by Lawrence J. Epstein. Lucille Ball's work with Desi Arnaz and Vivian Vance is included among the comedy duos, as are the Marx Brothers and the Three Stooges.

"Mixed Nuts" sells for $26, and is from PublicAffairs Press. For more information about the book, visit:

"I Love Lucy" on DVD

According to producer Gregg Oppenheimer, Paramount Home Video is moving ahead with plans for releasing Seasons 3-6 of "I Love Lucy." The big question right now is "How much will the public be willing to spend on 'I Love Lucy' DVDs in any given year?"

The season 3 boxed set will most likely be released in January or February, 2005. Season 4 (and possibly Season 5) will be released later in 2005, with Season 6 coming out in 2006. Columbia House's subscription series, meanwhile, is currently issuing Season 3 shows, will start Season 4 shortly, and will have Season 5 out by May, 2005.

Have a great week everybody!


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