Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, November 29, 2004

Fellow Lucyfans,

From Our Lucy Mailbag...

What with everyone recovering from their Thanksgiving holiday, there's not much in the way of news to report -- so I thought I would answer a question that arrived last week in our Lucy fan mail...

I see that there is a new Bobby Darin movie biography coming out. Is it true that Darin was one of Lucy's favorite singers?"

Yes, it's true! Lucy was a BIG Darin fan, going all the way back to 1960 when he first made a name for himself with songs like "Mack the Knife" and "Clementine." He was a hit on the Los Angeles club scene back then, and Lucy went to see him perform two or three nights in a row...

"I enjoyed his singing so much, but I had to stop going to his shows," she told me in 1987. "Desi and I had just broken up, and I was afraid if the columnists saw me at the Darin show one more time, they'd say I was having an affair with him!"

She continued to enjoy his music, however, and she and second husband Gary Morton were often in attendance when Bobby performed both in New York and Los Angeles during the early 1960s.

My conversations with Lucy about Darin occurred the week she was rehearsing a Bob Hope birthday special. I would pick her up at her home in Beverly Hills and drive her to the NBC studios in Burbank. Nearly every day she carried along a copy of "Borrowed Time," a biography of Darin by Al DiOrio. (Lucy was one of the few people I've ever known who could read while riding in a car without getting dizzy!) Whenever there'd be an extended break in rehearsals, she'd stick her nose back into the book and read until the choreographer needed her again. Many times while we were driving home, she'd click on the car radio and hope one of the oldies stations might be playing a Darin tune.

So, yes -- she enjoyed Bobby Darin very much!

The new movie, by the way, is rather strangely titled "Beyond the Sea" (which was also the title of one of Darin's top tunes), and it stars Kevin Spacey.

Have a great week everybody!


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