Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, January 17, 2005

Happy Martin Luther King Day... and Happy Birthday to Desi Arnaz Jr., who will be 52 on Wednesday!

Lucy's Home Again for Sale

The people who purchased Lucille Ball's childhood home (in Jamestown, New York) a few years ago have decided to sell it, and have listed it on e-bay. They are asking $250,000 for the house -- which is substantially more than they paid for it and even more substantially more than the value of any of the surrounding homes. But then again, it WAS the home of Lucille Ball.

The listing includes 5 photos -- 3 contemporary and 2 of Lucy and Desi visiting the house in 1956.

If you're interested in purchasing the home -- or just a "lookie loo" -- you can find the listing at:

Hey, Look Them Over

No sooner had we posted last week's news that Lucie Arnaz would be taking part in an all-star salute to composer Cy Coleman than longtime Lucyfan Al Koenig wrote: "Wouldn't it be great if Lucie did something from "Wildcat"? Maybe 'What Takes My Fancy' with Hunter Foster."

Well, great minds seem to work alike because Lucie DID do something from "Wildcat" -- the show-stopper "Hey, Look Me Over" -- and she did it with her own daughter, Kate Luckinbill! According to longtime Arnaz family friend and author Lee Tannen, who attended the event, "(they) were absolutely terrific."

Lucie later told us it was the first time she herself had ever sung that song in public. Apparently Kate had once performed it at a summer theatre camp, and both, of course, knew it backwards and forwards, so they sang it especially for Cy and Lucy.

There is a photo of the two of them performing the song on the web site. The specific URL is:

Notable American Women

Al Koenig, by the way, is among the authors contributing entries to an about-to-be published book called "Notable American Women." He wrote articles concerning Broadway legends Mary Martin and Ethel Merman. Author Kathleen Brady provided the entry about Lucy.

The book is being published by Harvard University Press, and should be in book stores on or around February 15. You can also find it "on line" at places like To pre-order the book, visit:

We will have more info (and a comment or two) about the book once it's published.

Happy Birthday, Charles Lane

As we mentioned last week, Character actor Charles Lane will celebrate his 100th birthday later this month -- on January 26. Lane, of course, appeared in various episodes of "I Love Lucy" (including "The Business Manager," photo, left) and played banker Barnsdahl in the first season of "The Lucy Show."

If you'd like to send Mr. Lane a birthday wish, send your cards to our club address and we will see to it that they are forwarded to him. The Lane family is planning a big celebration on January 30, so get your cards in the mail soon! You can send them to the following address:

Mr. Charles Lane
c/o We Love Lucy
PO Box 56234
Sherman Oaks, CA 91413

Have a great week everybody!


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