Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, February 7, 2005

Dear Lucyfans...

Charles at 100

Many thanks for the comments about the photos we have posted from last Sunday's party celebrating Charles Lane's 100th birthday. An all-too-short clip of Mr. Lane was included this past Saturday night in the TNT Cable Network showing of the annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. Considering he was one of the founding members of SAG, you'd have thought they could have given him at least 60-seconds of airtime!

We neglected to mention in last week's letter that two sets of film clips were shown at the party -- one chronicling Lane's 50+ years in motion pictures, the second chronicling his 30+ years in television. The clips were assembled by video producers Garret Boyajian and George Ridjaneck -- who are now hard at work finishing a documentary on Lane's life and career. If the clips we saw were an indication, the documentary will be (as Lucy Ricardo would say) "wundaful."

Jamestown Valentine Brochure

The Lucy-Desi Museum and Gift Shop in Jamestown, NY has issued a special Valentine's Day brochure (photo, right), featuring a vast array of Lucy-related merchandise that's available. Illustrated are everything from the Allan Glaser/Rick Carl "Paper Doll" book to heart-shaped chocolates to Lucy-themed bed linens.

Of course one of the nicest gifts you can give a fellow Lucyfan is a membership in the Lucy-Desi Museum itself. It's one of those "gifts that keep on giving."

For more information about Membership and/or the Gift Shop merchandise, visit the Lucy-Desi Center's online site at:

New Lucy Bears Announced

Speaking of Lucy Merchandise, Classic Collecticritters has unveiled three new Lucy-themed teddy bears. Each is 9.5-inches in height, and is a limited edition of 1500 units. Included in the new batch is a doll dressed in one of Lucy Ricardo's famous blue-with-white polka dots dress (this one as featured in Episode 45, "Sales Resistance"). The other two are bride-and-groom dolls (sold separately), recalling Episode 26, "The Marriage License." Here are some photos:

Have a great week everybody!


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