Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

Bill Asher to Guest in Jamestown

Longtime I Love Lucy director William Asher will be among the attractions at this May's "Lucy-Desi Days" celebration in Jamestown, NY, it was confirmed last week by Museum director Ric Wyman.

Asher will appear in a discussion of his work with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz -- including such classic Lucy episodes as "Job Switching," "Lucy is Enciente," "Lucy Goes to the Hospital," "L.A. at Last," "Harpo Marx," "Lucy Does the Tango," etc. etc. (Photo left was snapped on the set of "L.A. at Last" -- Lucy's kissing Asher this time, not guest-star Bill Holden!)

Asher also masterminded the classic television series, Bewitched, and directed the pilots to such hits as Our Miss Brooks and Make Room for Daddy. The Asher seminar in Jamestown promises to be one of the most interesting ever!

Additional guests and events for the "Lucy-Desi Days" festival will be announced within a few weeks. The festival will be held in Jamestown, NY, over Memorial Day weekend, May 27-28-29. Hope you can join us!

E! "Lucy" Documentary Delayed

The Lucy documentary being presented next month on E! cable network's "True Hollywood Story" series has been postponed three weeks -- and is now scheduled for Sunday, March 27. Be sure to check the channel listing and time in your area.

Our New Look

You may have noticed that we are rearranging a few things on the web site... As promised earlier, we are moving a few items, removing a few, and adding a few more... This "All About Lucy" newsletter, for example, has gotten shorter (at least for now), with the "Lucy in the Media" items and the "Places to Visit" items each broken out into separate web pages.

Our biggest undertaking is the addition of a site Index... which, you will note is still being edited... We have posted the first page, but there are at least two more to go (they will be posted later this week!)... This is our way of solving the "no search facility" problem. Hopefully this will allow you easy access to all of the items that are in the various parts of the web site.

Currently "among the missing" is our Photo of the Week feature, which is "on hiatus". All of the photos already posted will be re-positioned for easier access. For example, the photos relating to I Love Lucy will all be posted on pages for those particular episodes, and accessed through the Studio Archives area. This way, if you are looking for a photo of Lucy at the Chocolate Factory, you do not have to try to figure out which week the picture might have been posted. You will just go to the "I Love Lucy" area, click onto the "Job Switching" episode and find the photo...

Hopefully this, and our other changes, will make the web site more meaningful for both are regular patrons and those who stop by only on occasion.

Thanks... And have a great week everybody!


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