Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, April 29, 2002

Dear Fellow Lucy Fans,

"The Lucy Show" Hits 40!

It is hard to believe, but Lucille Ball's second television series, The Lucy Show, is about to celebrate its 40th Anniversary. Many of our members have told us over the years that they first discovered Lucille Ball's comic genius through this series -- which aired in primetime on CBS Television Network from 1962 to 1968. It was only later that they went back and enjoyed I Love Lucy in reruns.

Last week the Hallmark Channel (cable network) purchased the rights to The Lucy Show and plans to add it to their schedule in the near future. It will probably not get a primetime berth, but -- wherever they decide to schedule it -- it will be great to have these shows available again.

We are particularly partial to the Lucy shows of the first season... Like I Love Lucy, they were filmed in black-and-white, and, they were very similar in tenor to the last 12 or so "Connecticut" episodes of the original series. Lucy Ricardo rode an electric lawnmower and ran into trouble building a barbeque... Lucy Carmichael rode an electric mattress and got her fanny caught in a chimney when she tried to install a TV antenna... It was only later, when Lucy got a permanent job in Mr. Mooney's bank (and a new staff of writers started doing the scripts) that the flavor of the shows really began to change...

New "I Love Lucy" DVDs Unveiled

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Paramount Home Video will begin releasing the first season's episodes of I Love Lucy in July of this year. These are the exact same discs that Columbia House has been offering, but they will be available in your local video stories, and they will have all new packaging. Here's a preview of the first two:

Gregg Oppenheimer, who is a consultant/producer on the discs, is actively gathering material for the next two releases, which will probably become available through Columbia House in the fall. The first disc will include episodes 16 through 19, and the second, episodes 20 through 23. While looking for "outtake" and "blooper" material for "Breaking the Lease," Gregg discovered that the scene in which Lucy and Ricky stomp around the apartment, trying to annoy the Mertzes, was revised by Desilu between the dress- rehearsal and the final filming. Lucy's shenanigans with the riveter's hammer were added at the last minute, replacing a scene in which she and Ricky dangle a smelly fish out their bedroom window, in theory so the smell would permeate the Mertzes' apartment below...

There is no film footage of the original scene, but here is a still photo taken at the dress rehearsal...

It is the inclusion of interesting facts, outtakes and bloopers that make these DVDs so much fun for Lucy fans -- and valuable for historians! Bravo Gregg -- and thank you for all the hard work you put into these discs!

We Love Lucy on the Radio

Longtime We Love Lucy member, Ron Paul, hosts a weekly radio series on station KAAT in Fresno, California. On Saturday evening, May 18 (8 to 10PM/Pacific Time), Ron will present a special "We Love Lucy" edition of his broadcast, with special guests Roz and Marilyn Borden ("Teensy and Weensy"), Jimmy Garrett ("Jerry Carmichael" on The Lucy Show), Stuart Shostak (Lucy's film archivist and a co-producer of our annual Loving Lucy Conventions), and yours truly. (Okay, four out of five ain't bad... I will stay quiet and sit in the corner!)

Ron will interview his guests and include a special Lucy-themed trivia contest for his listeners.

YOU can hear the radio program on your computer via your Microsoft Internet Explorer. In the next few days we will be posting all the pertinent information on how you can "tune in" this first in a possible series of We Love Lucy Media Events. Stay tuned!

Changes Ahead for

Which brings me to my news about our club web site... In the next couple of weeks, we will be adding a wide variety of new features to, including video highlights from last summer's convention, a new photo gallery, our long-promised archives, etc. Please feel free to e-mail any suggestions you might have...

Have a great week everybody!


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