Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, May 20, 2002

Dear Fellow Lucy Fans,

New Lucy Video on Its Way...

Coming to a VHS or DVD player near you is the home-video version of Associated Television International's documentary, Inside Television's Greatest: 'I Love Lucy.' The program, first presented on The Learning Channel cable network in April, 2001, tells the inside story of television's biggest hit. Included are rare photographs and film clips, along with insightful interviews and voice-over narration. It's priced at $19.95, and due in stores June 4.

Me? On the Radio?

Many thanks to everyone who participated in last Saturday night's "We Love Lucy On the Radio" webcast -- especially our hosts, station KAAT-Radio producer/announcer Ron Paul; station-owner and general-manager Larry Gamble; and the entire staff and crew of KAAT Radio. Hospitality, thy name is KAAT. (Purr-r-r-r-rrr!)

Paul's in-studio guests included Roz and Marilyn Borden (who portrayed Teensy & Weensy in the "Tennessee Bound" episode of I Love Lucy); Jimmy Garrett, who co-starred as Jerry Carmichael in the first three seasons of The Lucy Show; Stuart Shostak, who was Lucy's film archivist for many years; and yours truly.

Paul turned over nearly three hours of his weekly "Flying Home" radio show to a lively roundtable discussion of Lucille Ball and her various television programs. I was asked to explain how the We Love Lucy fan club -- and our annual Loving Lucy Conventions -- came into being. Garrett and the Borden Sisters shared memories of working with the lady, and Shostak presented a mini version of his "Lucy Fans are Fabulous" game show (the game he produced and hosted at the 2000 and 2001 Lucy Conventions). Longtime Lucy-lover Michael Stern, whom Lucy called her "number one fan," called in from his home in Northridge, California, and recalled meeting the redhead when he was in junior high school -- and told of just a few of his many experiences with her over the years.

Congratulations are in order to game-show call-in contestants Glen Charlow and Mike Broad (of Brooklyn, New York, and Windsor, Ontario, respectively), Daniel Dedmon (of Grover, North Carolina), Tom O'Brien (of Chicago, Illinois), Melanie Joy (of New Gloucester, Maine), Larry Pane (of Los Angeles, California) and Jimmy Sheridan (of Port Washington, New York), all of whom won prizes. As this illustrates, "webcasts" allow radio programs to be heard all over the country -- and the world. (Laura Johansen, creator of the Lucie Arnaz web site, was reportedly listening in from her home in Australia!) What a night!

We hope to schedule additional Lucy-related webcasts in the near future. Stay tuned!

Have a great week everybody!


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