Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Tuesday, June 4, 2002

Dear Fellow Lucy Fans,

New Lucy Merchandise...

Christmas in June? Summer's not quite here yet, but already our e-mailbox is full of interesting information about new Lucy Collectibles...

Coming in November is the sixth annual Lucy Doll from Mattel/Barbie. This year's gem is inspired by "Lucy Gets a Paris Gown," with the adorable doll dressed in the burlap dress that Ricky "designed" for her (see photo, right).

All of the previous Mattel/Barbie Lucy dolls have been "sell outs," so you will want to be sure to grab one of these as soon as they are available!

Already in stores are two new Lucy-Desi collectibles from Classic Collecticritters...First are the "Lucy - Desi Bobble Heads," which are a Limited Edition of 10,000 numbered sets. Inspired by the animated stick figure characters seen during the original opening of I Love Lucy, this set comes in a decorated gift box and sells for $49.95.

Also from Classic Collecticritters is a new Collectible Bear, this one inspired by the Teddy Bear that Lucy takes to Little Ricky in the "Nursery School" episode of you-know-what. This one is a scaled-down version, and like the bobbleheads is a Limited Edition item. It is packaged in a beautiful box that includes a photo of Lucy Ricardo with the full-size bear used in the 1955 program. This Collecticritter sells for $39.99.

And Books, too...

Lee Tannen writes from New York that Griffin Trade Paperbacks, one of the soft-cover imprints of St. Martin's Press, will be issuing a paperback edition of his book, I Loved Lucy: My Friendship with Lucille Ball on (gasp!) September 11, 2002. The hardcover edition is currently still in the stores -- but they tend to disappear once the soft cover is published, so if this is one of those books you "always meant to get," now is certainly the time!

Vote for a Statue?

As many of you know, TV Land recently unveiled a statue of "Mary Richards" tossing her hat in the air in Minneapolis, MN... and a few years ago the network commissioned a statue of "Ralph Kramden" that was placed in front of New York's Port of Authority bus terminal. Now they are seeking ideas for their next project, and have invited fans to "vote" for what that should be... Some people think they should commission a Lucy Ricardo statue for Jamestown, NY... some say a statue of Ethel Mertz for Albuquerque, NM... What's your opinion? Contact TV Land at TV Land and register your ideas!

Have a great week everybody!


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