Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dear Fellow Lucyfans:

Me? On the Radio

Stuart Shostak has invited me to appear this week on his internet radio series, "Stu's Show," which originates "live" every Wednesday afternoon right here on the internet at:

The show will "internet-cast" live tomorrow -- Wednesday (January 17) afternoon 7-9PM Eastern Time/4-6PM Pacific Time.

We will be discussing our mutual love for Lucy, our experiences working with the lady, our experiences working on the "Loving Lucy" conventions (1996-2001), and a variety of other topics... AND we will be taking YOUR phone calls...

To be part of this program, you can "call in" toll free to (888)-746-5875... Stuart also accepts e-mails during the show...

Hope you will all be able to join us!

Many thanks...


Vivian Keefer Research

Many thanks to Skip Koenig, Rick Carl, and others who responded to our request last week for information regarding one-time show girl Vivian Keefer. Ms. Keefer was one of the ladies who came west with Lucille Ball to appear as a Goldwyn Girl in "Roman Scandals."

Lucille and Vivian shared a large apartment in Hollywood with three or four other show girls, and the two appeared together not only in "Scandals," but "Bottoms Up," "Moulin Rouge," and "Kid Millions." Vivian may also have been in Universal's 1936 production of "Show Boat."

While Lucy stayed on in Hollywood and landed a contract at RKO, it appears that Vivian may have gone back to New York at some point in the mid-1930s, met a businessman named Louis Woods, and eventually married him. They ultimately lived in the West Palm Beach area of Florida...

Vivian's nephew is still trying to piece together any and all bits of information he can find regarding his aunt... So, once again, if any of our readers should run across information about Ms. Keefer, please let us know.

New 2008 Calendars Unveiled

2007 has hardly started, but already the makers of the "I Love Lucy" -inspired calendars have unveiled their designs for the 2008 editions! Sample images are posted on the web site of The Lucy-Desi Center in Jamestown, New York:

Lucy Calendars

New Barbie/Lucy Dolls on the Way

It looks like there may be three "Lucy" -related Barbie dolls released in 2007. The first, a single doll, will reportedly be based on one of Lucy Ricardo's first-season adventures. The exact design and wardrobe selection will not be unveiled until next month's Toy Show, but The Lucy-Desi Center is already accepting "sight-unseen" pre-orders:

Lucy Dolls

There are also rumors that in addition to this single doll, there may be a two-doll "Lucy" set being released -- a "Lucy" and "Ethel" doll combination. If true, this would be the first "Ethel" doll made by Mattel. In 2001, they released a "Lucy" and "Ricky" combo set to celebrate the "I Love Lucy" 50th anniversary. We will keep you posted as we learn more about this item.

Yours Truly on Internet Radio -- Maybe

Longtime Lucyfan Stuart Shostak has invited me to appear this week on his internet radio program, "Stu's Show," which airs live every Wednesday -- 7-9PM Eastern Time/4-6PM Pacific Time. We will, of course, be discussing -- among other things -- this web site and Lucille Ball. Unfortunately, there is -- at this writing -- a potential scheduling conflict which may require delaying this show to a later date. Will know for sure by Tuesday evening and will post info here at that time.

All of Stu's programming can be accessed from your computer at:

Have a great week everybody!


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