Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, January 22, 2007

Dear Fellow Lucyfans:

"STAR NOTES" on Internet Radio

"Star Notes," a new weekly radio magazine celebrating the life and career of Lucille Ball, will premiere next month on Shokus Internet Radio.

The show will be presented "live" every Saturday afternoon -- 1-3PM Pacific Time; 4-6PM Eastern Time. Repeats will air daily: Sundays 8-10AM (Pacific Time); and Monday-thru-Friday 1-3PM (Pacific Time).

The show premieres Saturday. February 17.

Each program will include many of the features that were once part of our "Star Notes" magazine -- news updates, trivia questions (see below), a question-and-answer forum, tips on collecting (what's good, what one should be wary of) -- plus elements that radio can add: "live" in-studio interviews with celebrities, sound bites, classic audio recordings, etc. Saturday listeners will have an opportunity to call in and ask questions of our guests.

Each show will also feature trivia contests, with Lucy-related merchandise as prizes for all correct answers.

We are thrilled to have Jimmy Garrett (about whom we had some very special news in last Wednesday's newsletter) and Marilyn Borden (of "Teensy & Weensy" fame) as our guests on our first show. Jimmy was profiled in the first "Star Notes" magazines to be published after our club was reactivated back in 1992. Marilyn and her late sister Roz were the first celebrities to sign on for our very first Loving Lucy Convention back in 1996, and became our Conventions' "good luck" mascots. How great to have Jimmy and Marilyn both with us as we start this new adventure. Jimmy will join us "live" in the studio, while Marilyn will "call in" from her home "upstate."

Future guests will include many of the folks associated with our club and conventions over the years, and many of the celebrities you may have met -- or always wanted to meet -- at our conventions. We hope you will be listening!

Again, the show premieres Saturday, February 17. In the meantime, please feel free to e-mail us any suggestions you might have for things that might make our shows more meaningful for you.

"STAR NOTES" -- and all of the Shokus Internet Radio offerings -- can be accessed from your computer at:


Lucy's Fox Contract Offered in Auction

Author/educator Al Koenig, a longtime Lucy fan, dropped us a note last week after attending an auction of 20th Century-Fox items at the Swann Galleries in New York. Al was excited to find Lucy's contract for "The Dark Corner" among the offerings:

Lucy's THE DARK CORNER contract dated November 9, 1945 (signed "Lucille Ball" on November 21) paid her deserved respect: her services are of "a special, unique, unusual, extraordinary and intellectual character, and of great and peculiar value to us...." Contract continues, "your talents and services cannot be replaced by us...."

Yet, a billing clause was less enthusiastic: "... your name to be given credit in star or co- star position either above or below the title... and the name of not more than one other member of the cast... shall precede your name." Again, lack of commitment continues: "We shall be under no obligation to cause your name to appear in connection with... advertising, teaser, trailer, or special advertising."

Have a great week everybody!


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