Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, February 19, 2007

Dear Fellow Lucyfans:

Remembering Ray Evans

We were saddened by the news that songwriter Ray Evans passed away last Thursday (February 15, 2007) in Los Angeles. Together with longtime partner Jay Livingston, who died 5 years ago, Evans was responsible for such hits as "Mona Lisa," "Silver Bells, "Tammy," "Que Sera Sera," "Buttons and Bows" and dozens of other tunes from the movies, TV and stage. Evans was 92.

Livingston and Evans also wrote the music for the Bob Hope/Lucille Ball movie, "Fancy Pants." Livingston was married the last few years of his life to actress Shirley Mitchell (Marion Strong on "I Love Lucy"), and attended many of our Loving Lucy Conventions. Evans was brought into the "Lucy World" by Livingston and Mitchell. This past December, after having lunch with Ms. Mitchell and Ric Wyman, Executive Director of the Lucy-Desi Center of Jamestown, NY, Evans presented Wyman with a check for $20,000 for the Lucy-Desi Museum. At the time, Evans -- who was born and raised not far from Jamestown, in Salamanca, NY -- indicated he hoped to visit the Museum later this year.

Additional Panelists Named for Legacy of Laughter Seminar

Christina Carroll, daughter of the late Bob Carroll Jr., and motivational speaker Sebastian Gentry have been added to the panel of the "Legacy of Laughter" seminar of March 3.

Hosted by Lucie Arnaz, the panel will also include Desi Arnaz Jr., actor Sean Astin, and drug-and-alcohol intervention counselor Jim Dunnigan.

"Legacy of Laughter," a series of presentations by the Lucy-Desi Center of Jamestown, NY, explores the healing power of comedy.

The March 3 seminar will be presented at 7PM in Boulder City, Nevada, at the Historic Boulder City Theatre. Included in the evening will be video clips, conversation and insight by each of the panelists, and audience participation. A reception will follow.

Seating is limited. All seats are $20. For ticket information, call the Historic Boulder Theatre at (702) 293-1161. For more information, visit:

"STAR NOTES" On the Radio

Many thanks to the friends and fans who wrote- and/or called-in during the premiere broadcast last Saturday of our new STAR NOTES internet radio series. Special thanks to our celebrity guests, Marilyn Borden and Jimmy Garrett (and his fiancee, Laura Johansen), who made this first show a huge success.

Lucy-impressionist Suzanne LaRusch helped get the show off to a rollicking start. Rick Carl was also on hand to assist yours truly with the hosting chores, and radio-station owner Stuart Shostak was here to make sure I didn't press the wrong button and knock us all off-the-air.

As promised, we included Lucy Trivia questions in the show -- and prizes were won by listeners Mike Broad and Jimmy Sheridan.

If you missed the broadcast, it is being repeated all this week on Shokus Internet Radio ((, 4-6PM Eastern Time (1-3PM Pacific Time).

Joining us for Show #2, on Saturday, February 24, will be Wanda Clark, Lucy's longtime personal secretary, and Frank Gorey, who started working with the Arnazes in the late 1950s as Desi's studio chauffeur, and wound up Lucy's "major domo." Both worked with Lucy for over 25 years, and are full of interesting stories about Our Favorite Redhead.

If you have questions you would like to ask our guests, you can either "phone in" during the broadcast -- and be part of the show -- or send your questions in advance via e-mail. The toll-free call-in number is:

1 - 8 8 8 - 7 4 6 - 5 8 7 5

The e-mail address is -- or click this icon:

Again, STAR NOTES will be presented "live" every Saturday afternoon -- 1-3PM Pacific Time; 4-6PM Eastern Time. Repeats will air daily: Sundays 11AM - 1PM (Eastern Time); and Monday-thru-Friday 4-6PM (Eastern Time).

"STAR NOTES" -- and all of the Shokus Internet Radio offerings -- can be accessed from your computer at:

ONE TECHNICAL NOTE: Because of a "glich" in the internet radio system, SOME (but not all) ISPs experience difficulty when a station goes from recorded to "live" programming, resulting in listeners being disconnected from the station. If this happens, all you need to do is click on the station icon again and get reconnected. Unfortunately, when this happened this past weekend, many listeners missed the first few minutes of our show. Henceforth, we will begin each show with a few minutes of music, allowing any listeners who have been disconnected to tune back into the show.

Have a great week everybody!


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