Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, July 23, 2007

Dear Fellow Lucyfans:

Esther Swims Again -- on DVD

Wanted to remind everyone that a new DVD boxed set of Esther Williams movies was released last Tuesday by Warner Home Video. Included in the set is "Easy to Wed," in which Lucy co-starred (along with Spencer Tracy and Van Johnson). The film is a remake of the screwball classic, "Libeled Lady."

Also in the set are Miss Williams' "Bathing Beauty," "On an Island with You," "Neptune's Daughter" and "Dangerous When Wet."

"Next Best Thing" Results Wednesday

The competitive performances are over, the ballots are in... all that remains in this summer's "Next Best Thing" contest is the announcement of who won...

That news will be revealed in Wednesday night's telecast of the popular talent search. It airs at 8-9PM on ABC-TV.

We have our fingers crossed that our own Suzanne LaRusch, renowned Lucy imitator, will be the big winner. She's always been a winner in our book!

Oz-kin to Celebrate Lucy

Among the celebrities that will gather August 3-5 in Jamestown, New York -- for the annual Lucy Birthday Weekend celebration -- is diminutive actor Jerry Meren, who appeared with Miss Ball in a 1970 episode of Here's Lucy (see photo, right). The segment was titled "Lucy and Ma Parker," and featured Lucy's good friend Carole Cook.

Maren is also one of the few surviving cast members of the 1939 classic motion picture, "The Wizard of Oz." (He played the Munchkin who hands the giant lollypop to Dorothy when she is welcomed in song to Munchkinland.)

As such, Jerry has appeared many times at various "Oz" -related festivals, including those held in Oz-writer L. Frank Baum's home town of Chittenango, New York. Longtime Lucyfan Peter Ennamorato met Jerry and his wife at just such a gathering a few years ago:

Jamestown's "Evening with Jerry Maren" event will include film clips from Maren's entire career and on-stage reminiscences. It promises to be an interesting evening indeed.

Who Flew the Coop?

Peter E. also wrote to tell us that the chicken coop that stood in the backyard of Lucy's childhood home in Celoron, New York, was severely damaged in a windstorm that swept through the area June 13. He sent this photo, taken by Jamestown resident Lloyd Faulkner:

We spoke over the weekend with Mary Rapaport, the fan who currently owns the property, and she assures me that the chicken coop will be restored. Mary has spent much time and effort -- not to mention money -- the past couple of years to restore the house in Celoron to the way it looked when Lucy grew up there in the 1920s. She's not going to let a little thing like a windstorm deter her!

Have a great week!


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