Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Dear Fellow Lucy Fans,

Lucy's Going Home...

To follow-up on the report I posted on Monday -- the urns holding the ashes of both Lucille Ball and her mother, Desiree (DeDe) Hunt Ball, as of noon today, were on their way to a cemetery in Jamestown, New York.

Again, this was very much a family decision, agreed upon last August by Lucie Arnaz, her brother Desi, her uncle Fred Ball, and her aunt Cleo Smith. They all felt it would be nice to have the entire family buried together. Lucy and DeDe's ashes will be placed along side the graves of Lucy's father and grandfather and many other relatives.

Special arrangements will be made by the Jamestown cemetery to allow for fans to visit Lucy's gravesite. In fact, it will probably be much easier for fans to bring flowers (and the like) there than at Forest Lawn.

The plaques that marked the Forest Lawn resting sites have been removed and will be donated to the Lucy-Desi Museum in Jamestown.

Lucy purchased the gravesites at Forest Lawn in 1977 when her mother passed away. At that time, she bought a vault for DeDe and one that would accomodate the ashes of both herself and husband Gary. Her main objective, at the time, was to ensure that she herself could be buried next to her mother. She chose Forest Lawn because most of the family was living in the Los Angeles area at the time, and it seemed appropriate.

A lot has happened the past 25 years... Not only have Lucy and Gary both passed away, but the family has scattered, and now there are no family members in the LA area... Gary had remarried in 1994, and his ashes are in Palm Springs, where he had lived with wife Susie. Desi's ashes were scattered at sea.

While this has been a topic of much discussion the past few months by many of Lucy's fans, we feel the decision in personal matters such as this must remain with the family.

This does, nevertheless, mark an end of something -- Lucy's 69-year "presence" (if that's the right word) in Hollywood... On the other hand, the lady's work was her legacy, and that will go on forever... Maybe it's time we let the lady herself be at home with family.

Until next time...


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