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by Thomas Watson

Monday, August 20, 2007

Dear Fellow Lucyfans:

New "I Love Lucy" Complete Series - DVD Update

CBS/Paramount Home Video has released "back of the box" artwork for the upcoming Complete Series edition of its popular "I Love Lucy" DVDs due in stores October 23rd.

According to the information included on the artwork, the new set will include the long "lost" 1953 "I Love Lucy Movie," a newly colorized rendition of the "Lucy Goes to Scotland" episode, footage of the "Lucy" gang picking up Emmys at the 1954 awards banquet, and highlights of Lucy and Desi's very first TV appearance (on CBS' Ed Wynn show):

The package will also include the original "I Love Lucy" pilot and all 35 episodes from season #1 (1951-52), now digitally restored. Discs from Seasons 2-9 (including the Lucy-Desi comedy hours) will be exactly the same as those currently being sold -- except they are all available here in a single collection.

As we showed you a few weeks ago, this is the front of the new Lucy "mega-set:"


Save the Date: "Jack Benny Program" Lives Again

Fans of "old-time radio" -- particularly those living in and around Southern California -- will want to put a red ring around November 10. That's the day Gregg Oppenheimer will be recreating an episode of "The Jack Benny Program," with Benny impressionist Eddie Carroll starring as the Milwaukee Penny-pincher.

Comedian-impressionist Chuck McCann will appear as Don Wilson, with three original Benny cast members -- Beverly Washburn, Stuffy Singer, and Shirley Mitchell -- being featured in the cast. Also appearing will be Dena Dietrich, Tommy Cook, Gloria McMillan, John Stephenson, and Don King.

This special one-day-only 75th Anniversary recreation of "The Jack Benny Program" will be part of a special luncheon sponsored by SPERDVAC -- the Society to Preserve and Encourage Radio Drama, Variety and Comedy. It will be held at the Sportsman's Lodge in Studio City, California, starting at 12 Noon. Tickets for the show (including lunch) are $25.

We will have more information about special event in the next few weeks, and you can also visit the SPERDVAC web site for updates:

Have a great week everybody!

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