Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, October 21, 2002 (UPDATED)

Dear Fellow Lucy Fans,

Just a couple of quick shopping reminders...

Get 'Em While You Can!

Collectors of I Love Lucy Hallmark Christmas ornaments will want to scurry to the nearest Hallmark store to buy this year's very clever "Chocolate Factory" piece... The ornament made its "debut" about 10 days ago, and is reportedly selling very quickly. It features "windup movement," which allows you to wind it up, and watch the conveyor belt full of chocolate pass in front of Lucy. "Job Switching" is one of the most popular Lucy episodes of all time, making this ornament attractive to the public at large... So get yours today. The ornament is priced at $16.95 in American dollars, $22.95 in Canadian.

As always, if you have trouble finding the ornaments in your area, drop us an e-mail, and we will attempt to find one for you in Los Angeles... But, again, time is of the essence!

Calendars Galore

Also in the stores are I Love Lucy-inspired calendars for the year 2003. There are at least three varieties that we know of, possibly more...

The Mead Corporation has issued two large-size wall calendars... The first (see photo left) is 10 3/4-inches wide and 15 inches tall. The layout for a month is all on a single sheet, which one supposedly tears off when the next month starts... (Like any FAN would do that!) This one sells for $13.99 in US dollars/$21.49 Canadian.

The second wall calendar (see photo, right) is the traditional "two page per month" variety, with a photo on one sheet, the day-grid on another. This one measures 12-inches wide by 22-inches tall, when open. It sells for $10.99 US dollars; $16.99 Canadian.

There is also at least one smaller desk-style calendar available.

That's the news for today... See you next week!


Believe it or not, there is actually a third, full-size Lucy 2003 wall calendar, also from Mead (see photo, left). This one, like the green one above, measures 12x22 inches, when open, and has the two-page format. It sells for $12.99 US dollars; $19.99 Canadian.

The two 12x22-inch calendars cover 16 months, the 10x15-inch one covers 12. We do not notice any "repeat" photos among the three. (Some of the images, however, are "screen grabs" -- photos taken from the actual show, and are quite fuzzy. Others have been used before on calendars of earlier years.)

While we were one of the first to shout "Hooray!" when the Lucy inspired calendars hit the market in 1990 -- and we applaud the idea of having desk calendars as well as wall-calendars -- we seriously question the need of having three totally different I Love Lucy wall calendars in any one year! Does the word "Greed" mean anything?

For years calendars have been excellent collector's items for Lucyfans, particularly youngsters who may not be able to afford some of the higher priced merchandise... Moreover, they are "usables," not just "dustables." We especially like them because they include actual photographs of Lucy, Desi, Viv and Bill, not just recreations... Our advice this year, however, is to put your money in YOUR pocket, not someone else's. Examine all the various calendars mentioned above, then buy the ONE that best suits your needs...

Until next time...


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