Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, January 6, 2002

Dear Fellow Lucy Fans,

A couple of announcements:


CBS "Lucy" Movie Starts Casting

We have just heard that Daniel Pino (photo left) has been cast to portray Desi Arnaz in the upcoming CBS made-for-television movie tracing the life of Lucille Ball.

As we reported last Friday, Broadway actress Rachel York and TV actress Madeline Zima have both been cast to play Lucy -- Ms. Zima playing her as a teenager, and Ms. York, as an adult. (For more information and photos, read Henna Hooper's Hollywood.)

We will certainly keep you posted as more news of this new film becomes available!

Bear-r-r-r-y Interesting...

Collecticritters has released their first three new "Lucy" bears for the new year... one reportedly inspired by "Lucy Plays Cupid," one that is dressed like Lucy, the Gypsy Queen, and one like Lucy the Martian. Each is 9-inches tall, and each sells for about $24.95. Here's a quick preview:

All three are "limited editions," with only 1500 units being made of the "Lucy Plays Cupid" bear, and 5000 units each of the gypsy and martian bear.


Continuing the tradition established a couple of weeks ago, we would like to close by answering a question about Lucy herself:

We Love Lucy Member John Phillips recently asked:

"You knew a great deal about Lucy before you went to work for her... Were there ever things that she said or did that totally surprised you?"

Every day!

One of my responsibilities was to coordinate publicity and "public relations" for Lucy and her production company. For years, I had seen her on talk shows, and many times when the host started asking questions about "the old days," Lucy tended to derail the conversation by saying "I don't remember..." Well, once I started working with her, I quickly discovered that -- at least when it came to her own movies and television programs -- she remembered almost everything... Little tiny details anyone else would have easily forgotten...

One time, circa 1985, when she was doing a seminar for what was then known as the Museum of Broadcasting, one of the curators tried to surprise her with a screening of an Ed Wynn program that she and Desi had done in 1949. She had not seen the program in all those 36 years, and in fact until the Museum had unearthed this kinescope, the program had long been feared lost... I sat with Lucy as she and Gary watched the show, and from about two minutes into the tape, Lucy started narrating -- telling us what was going to happen next... ("Now watch, he's going to..." and "Now I come on and...") and she was 100% correct. She also told us what things went wrong (it had been a live show), what happened backstage, etc.

She was an amazing woman in so many ways! Thanks for asking...


Have a great week everybody!


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