Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, March 17, 2003

Dear Fellow Lucy Fans,

Happy St. Patrick's Day -- and Happy Oscar Week!


Many thanks to everyone who ordered CD copies of the recently rediscovered 1938 radio series, The Wonder Show (featuring Lucy and Gale Gordon). We will continue to offer these for the next few weeks, and if there is an interest, we will add episodes #11-20. As mentioned earlier, these programs are not currently available in stores or from other radio-show distributors. If anyone is experiencing problems ordering the CDs, please notify us via e-mail. I have been advised that the latest editions (#6 & 7) of Netscape are not always compatible with shopping cart and on-line e-mail-based order forms, so you might want to use Internet Explorer instead. For complete information about the series, please visit Lucy: "The Wonder Show"

Thanks, too, for your notes concerning our radio salute to the late Roz Borden. (You can hear it at: Salute to Roz). Roz' sister Marilyn dropped us a line last week:

"Thank you for all the kind words about Roz. I miss her a lot -- a lot! -- but I am carrying on THE BORDEN TWINS torch and the "Teensy and Weensy" story. I am very much looking forward to appearing at the "Lucy-Desi" Festival in Jamestown, NY on Memorial Day weekend. My thanks also to the many fans who found me and sent cards of condolence. I loved hearing from them and appreciate their love and support. See you soon..."

We also heard from a couple of Lucyfans who are enjoying the new I Love Lucy DVDs, and are considering selling their old VHS copies. Both asked if we thought this advisable... Our response was, basically, "not if you watch them a lot." Both Columbia House and Paramount intend to release all 6 seasons of I Love Lucy on DVD -- but they are currently working at a snail's pace, and we have no reason to believe all six years' worth will be available until at least the year 2006 (or later). If you enjoy watching your VHS tapes, we would not suggest parting with them until all the DVDs are on your shelf!

Speaking of DVDs, the Los Angeles Times reported last week that boxed sets (and individual discs) of TV series programming have become major "best sellers" for all distributors, now accounting for 10% of all DVD sales. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Band of Brothers, and The Simpsons (Season Two) are all hot items. Even so, guess which series was featured in the front-page illustration...

And lastly, we received a inquiry from fan Mark Easley, who -- possibly because it is Oscar Week -- asked:

"I know that Lucy's Emmys are at Universal Studios in FL and CA, but where are her other awards and plaques? Also, where did Lucy keep her awards at home? Were they in a den or just scattered around the home?"

I do not want to burst anyone's bubble, but I am afraid that the Emmys -- and a few of the other items included in the Universal exhibits -- are reproductions, not the originals. The Arnaz family has kept many of Lucy and Desi's awards, and have donated others to the Lucy-Desi Museum in Jamestown.

When Lucy was alive, her husband Gary Morton kept a couple of the Emmy Awards and various citations on display in their business office (Lucille Ball Productions), and there were a couple of smaller awards in their den at home. But -- as you know, she had amassed a huge treasure trove of awards, plaques and citations over the years. It would have taken a cabinet the size of a warehouse for her to display them all!


Have a great week!


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