Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, June 2, 2003

Dear Fellow Lucy Fans,

"Victor, Victoria" Reversed in Jamestown

In last week's newsletter, we mentioned that the Lucy-Desi Days celebration in Jamestown over Memorial Day weekend concluded with an I Love Lucy-themed Masquerade Ball. We also mentioned that two attendees were dressed like "Pete" and "Sam," the reporter and photographer from "Ricky Gets Labor Pains."

The two individuals were longtime We Love Lucy members Glen Charlow and Mike Broad -- who won a prize that evening as "Best Couple." ("Couple of what?" Glen asked.) Glen and Mike essentially put a reverse spin on "Victor/Victoria," being guys dressed up as ladies (complete with eye make-up) dressed up as guys! They even shaved their real-life mustaches so the fake ones would look more fake! Here's a couple of photos:

This just goes to show how creative Lucy fans can be!

"The Masquerade Ball was very successful," said Ric Wyman, Executive Director of the Lucy-Desi Center. "And the nice thing is we at the Museum had very little to do with it. All of the decorations and planning were done by the townspeople, volunteers who rolled up their sleeves and got into the party spirit. I cannot thank them enough for all of their hard work."

Looking Ahead to August...

Among the events planned for "Lucy's Birthday Celebration" in Jamestown the weekend of August 8-10 is a Fan Reunion hosted by yours truly. Weather permitting, this will be held picnic-style -- outdoors in Lucille Ball Memorial Park in nearby Celeron. (If it rains, we will move inside a park pavillion!) John Schillner from the Lucy-Desi Museum will join me for two hours of "Lucy talk," fan club memories, trivia questions -- and special prizes.

The Fan Reunion will be held Friday, August 8, 5-7PM. Admission is $15. For complete information about Lucy's Birthday weekend, visit the Lucy-Desi web site at:

Speaking of the Fan Club...

We are currently in the process of redefining and refocusing our We Love Lucy club to meet the needs of our current "audience." So much has changed in the Lucy world since we started 26 years ago... The biggest change, of course, has come with the Internet. Thanks to this technology, the need for an "old fashioned fan club" to corral a group with common interests has almost been obliterated. Web sites (like the one you are visiting) and Lucy-themed chat-boards make it possible for fans from all over the world to come together and share their love of the famous Redhead.

Many fans, however, still like to receive such items as a membership card, a club pin, photographs, etc. -- tangible items one can hold or glue into a scrapbook...

Hoping to satisfy both groups, we are establishing two levels of We Love Lucy membership...

  • Basic Membership - is FREE. All we ask is that members "register" -- i.e., give us their name, address, and e-mail address. These members have full use of our web site and will be sent a membership card and notices of special club events.

  • Advanced Membership - is $10 per year. These members receive the membership card, club pin, periodic photos -- many in color! -- and mailings concerning Lucy events and merchandise.

For complete information about our new fee structure, please visit our "Join We Love Lucy" section.)

While we are drastically reducing our membership fees (from $28 per year to $10 or less!), we hope Lucy lovers might re-purpose the dollars saved by becoming members and supporters of the afore-mentioned Lucy-Desi Museum in Jamestown. While geographically it is "a little out of the way," philosophically it is right on track... It is moving ahead with the acquisition of a new building, is acquiring new and unique Lucy-related artifacts, has a fully-stocked gift shop, and is swiftly becoming a place in which all Lucy fans can take pride.

It is also the only place I know that is being designed especially FOR US! If we do not support it, no one else will either!

As for our Conventions...

We would like to thank the (literally) dozens of members from all over the country who have written and requested another Loving Lucy Convention. We loved hosting the six we did (1996-2001), and have not ruled out holding more... For the time being, however, I think Lucy fans need to pull together as a unit and, again, support the events happening twice each year in Jamestown. My dream, of course, is that someday down the line the Museum and the Fan Club can co-produce a big Lucy-Desi Convention in Los Angeles!

* * * * *

"Desilu" Documentary -- When?

After announcing last week that a new documentary, "Desilu," would air on Bravo cable network Saturday, August 24 at 9PM -- we received many e-mails pointing out that day and date do not jibe. "Is the show on Saturday, August 23 or Sunday, the 24th?" most asked... Good question! In our haste to post the notice, we did not double check the information -- which we printed verbatim from the Bravo announcement. We are checking with the network about their plans for "Desilu," and will post a correction as soon as we hear.

Many thanks to our eagle-eyed readers for pointing out the error!

Have a great week!


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