Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, June 23, 2003

Dear Fellow Lucy Fans,

Dolls in the News

Suzanne LaRusch will appear on Home Shopping Network tomorrow evening -- 8PM Eastern Time, 5PM Pacific -- to promote and sell the new Lucy/Vitameatavegamin doll from Stanton Arts (see photos). The doll is similar to (but not the same as) an also-new Vitameatavegamin creation from Franklin Mint. And both are different from the one issued a few years ago by Mattel!

The Stanton Arts doll retails at $129.95, but is currently being offered by the Lucy-Desi Museum Gift Shop at a special $99 price.

Mattel itself has started to ship its latest Lucy creation -- the redhead in her famous black lace housecoat, wearing the phony nose and glasses from the "L.A. at Last" (William Holden) episode.

A few people (fans and stores alike) who pre-ordered the doll received theirs last week. Others will be arriving over the next few weeks... This one, priced at $39.95, is sure to be another Best Seller!

If you are a Lucy doll collector, these two are winners!


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