Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, July 14, 2003

Dear Fellow Lucy Fans,

Remembering Josephine Turner

Our thanks to longtime member Jeffrey Gibbs for informing us of the recent death of Lucy's wigmaker Josephine Turner...

Ms. Turner died in Los Angeles June 17, at 94 years old. Turner was a Mexican immigrant who started working at Max Factor in 1927, soon becoming the head of the wig department. Lucy, of course, was a spokesperson for Max Factor starting with her early career at RKO. Ms. Turner made all of Lucy's wigs for her motion pictures, television programs and her personal use for nearly 50 years.

Because of her association with Max Factor, Ms. Turner made wigs for Hollywood's biggest films and stars. She supervised and made hairpieces for the original "Planet of the Apes" feature for make-up artist John Chambers, who was so impressed that he called upon her again and again in later years. Most recently, Ms. Turner, who did not know the word "retirement," delivered a new set of hairpieces to actor Rip Torn.

Within the past year, Ms. Turner lost her only child, a son, who was 74. She is survived by her nephew Bob and his wife Carmen.

$50 Reward Offered for Color Photo Information

Remember Lucy's beautiful dress with the "split skirt" -- the one she wore in such I Love Lucy episodes as "The French Revue," "Baby Pictures," "The Diner" and "Hollywood Anniversary"? (She also wore it in her personal life.)

We Love Lucy is offering a $50 reward to anyone who can loan us a color photograph of this dress -- a glossy picture, a magazine photo, or even a color newspaper photo!

We are attempting to authenticate the color for a new project, and would appreciate any help or information you can provide. Many thanks!

TV Land Convention

The first official TV Land Convention has been announced for the weekend of August 16-17th at the Burbank Airport Hilton in Burbank, California. The event is being produced by Creation Entertainment, which has been responsible for many science-fiction themed conventions of the past 30 years.

There will NOT be a Lucy event at this convention, but other classic TV programs will be saluted.

Information about the convention was posted last week on the Creation Entertainment web site ( -- but we offer a word of caution: some of the celebrity names included on the announced "guest list" are people who have been invited to participate. Not all of them have been confirmed, and we know at least a few of them that will almost certainly drop out. An official schedule of guests and events will not be available until August 14 -- three days before the convention starts.

"Lucy's Boys Gather in Jamestown

If you a Lucyfan looking for some place to visit this summer, try the "Lucy Birthday Celebration" in Jamestown, NY, the weekend of August 8-9-10. As mentioned here a few weeks ago, four of the gentlemen who, as children portrayed Lucy's TV sons, will participate in a special panel discussion at the festival...

Included on the Saturday morning panel will be Richard Lee and Ronald Lee Simmons (photo, right), who portrayed Little Ricky as a newborn; Keith Thibodeaux (aka Richard Keith), who played the Ricardo child as an "older" youngster; and Jimmy Garrett, who portrayed Jerry Carmichael in The Lucy Show.

For complete information about the weekend, visit the web site for the Lucy-Desi Museum at



Have a great week, everybody!


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