Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, August 4, 2003

Dear Fellow Lucy Fans,

Final Note About Bob Hope

The Hope family has announced that Bob Hope, who passed away July 27 of complications from pneumonia at the age of 100, will be buried at San Fernando Mission Cemetery. Located in the northeast San Fernando Valley community of Mission Hills, the cemetery is also the resting place of Hope's mother-in-law and one of his brothers. Lucy fans might be interested to note that the cemetery is also the final resting place for I Love Lucy co-star William Frawley, who died March 3, 1966.

Off to Jamestown

Next week's newsletter will not be posted until Wednesday (the 13th), as we are off once again to Lucy's hometown -- Jamestown, NY -- for this weekend's "Birthday Celebration."

Among the weekend's special guests are:

  • Carole Cook, accomplished actress and close personal friend of Lucy

  • Keith Thibodeaux, actor-musician who portrayed Little Ricky Ricardo as a youngster

  • Richard and Ronald Lee Simmons, who as infants portrayed Little Ricky as a newborn

  • Jimmy Garrett, actor who portrayed Lucy's son on The Lucy Show

  • Wanda Clark, Lucy's personal secretary for more than 25 years

  • Frank Gorey, Lucy's assistant and chauffeur for 30 years

  • Elisabeth Edwards, author of "Lucy's Guide to Life" and "I Love Lucy: Celebrating 50 Years of Love and Laughter"

  • And, of course, as many of you as can make it!

We are all looking forward to seeing as many Lucy fans as possible at this wonderful celebration. For ticket information, please visit the web site of the Lucy-Desi Museum at


Have a great week, everybody!


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