Still in Love with Lucy

by Thomas Watson

Monday, October 6, 2003

Dear Fellow Lucy Fans,

New Merchandise Arriving...

Our friends at the Lucy-Desi Museum Gift Shop have informed us that some of the new fall merchandise is starting to arrive. They are among the first to have the new wallets, agendas, cell phone cases, bucket purses, box purses, tote bags, backpacks, etc. Here are a few samples:

Most of these items come in various colors and designs, and are decorated with the Lucy-Desi stick figures, heart logos, etc. There are too many variations to itemize here. For complete information visit the Gift Shop web site and look under "Purses & Accessories." The address is as follows:

I Love Lucy 1st Season DVDs

Paramount Home Video has released Volume #9 in its series of I Love Lucy DVDs. This disc (photo, left) completes the series' first season of shows; included are "Lucy Gets Ricky on the Radio," "Lucy's Schedule," "Ricky Thinks He's Getting Bald," and "Ricky Asks for a Raise." The disc retails for $14.94.

For fans who are just starting to collect these fine discs, Paramount has also released a "boxed set" (photo, right) that includes all 9 of the DVDs released so far, all 35 of the first season episodes.

The First Season Boxed Set retails for $119.99, but is available in many video outlets for as little as $89.99. Paramount has announved that episodes of seasons 2 through 6 will be released only as full-season sets.

Light the Candles...

Get the ice out... Roll the rug up... Mame's Back!

Yes, at long last, the "Mame" soundtrack is being issued on CD! As announced here a few weeks ago, Rhino Handmade, a division of Rhino Records, is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Lucy's final motion picture, "Mame," by re-issuing a remastered soundtrack.

"Mame" is being offered as a limited edition (only 2500 copies) and is priced at $19.95, plus shipping. It is currently available only from the Rhino Handmade web site, at:

"Lucy in Print"

Author Michael Karol ("Lucy: A to Z") has announced the publication of a new book, "Lucy in Print." We have not seen the book as yet, but advance publicity calls it a look at Lucy "as reported by the press over the past 60 years," with added commentary by Karol.

The 124-page paperback is priced at $12.95.


Have a great week, everybody!


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