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Effective July 22, 2004, we are adding a universal
"user name" and "password" sign-in that -- hopefully --
will cut down on the "porno-span" advertisements that are
often placed on web discussion boards by robotic servers.
Until further notice, the "username" you should use is:

"welovelucy" (without the quotes)

The "password" you should use is:

"lucy" (again, without quotes)

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We Love Lucy Discussion Board

Welcome to our We Love Lucy Discussion Board,
where people gather to talk about Lucille Ball, her
life & career, her family, friends, and related topics.

Because the Discussion Board is open to fans everywhere,
there are a few basic guidelines we all need to follow:

  • Participants are asked to be respectful of others
    at all times. Please be polite. Please assume the
    best of intentions. *Avoid flaming* No, we do not
    mean dying you hair henna-red. Flaming here is
    defined as a personal attack, insult or put-down,
    curse or name-calling, or a derogatory insinuation.
    Everyone using the Discussion Board deserves the
    same politeness and respect for their opinion that
    you expect for yours.

  • Dealers/merchants selling Lucy-related items are
    asked not to post advertisements for their business,
    per se. Announcements about specific merchandise
    are acceptable, but should not include store-specific
    pricing, etc.

  • Please do not post one-line messages, like "me,
    too" or "yeah, I loved that episode, too!" Send those
    privately to the person you are agreeing with.

  • When responding to a previous post, include ONLY
    the relevant parts of the earlier message and delete
    the rest... or delete the entire earlier post and merely
    add your two-cents. Your response will be "threaded"
    back to that original message anyway. This courtesy
    saves money for people with pay-per minute accounts,
    and saves everyone else from having to scroll through
    the same messages over and over again.

    If you do not know how to delete the earlier message,
    contact your tech support to learn how to reply to mail
    without including the entire previous message. This is
    a basic aspect of email that everyone should learn,
    whether they participate in mailing lists or not.

  • Never forward the contents of a private email to the
    Discussion Board without the express permission of
    the original sender.

  • If a discussion wanders off-topic, or becomes a
    dialogue between two parties, it is time to take it off
    the board and continue via private email.

Please DO NOT Post Any Of the Following:
  • Virus warnings of any sort, for any reason, at any
    time, without our express review and permission.

  • Preaching and/or proselytizing -- political, religious,
    or personal.

  • Chain letters or office "pools".

  • Copyrighted materials without crediting the original

  • FREE OFFERS, or anything that says "Make Money

If you are unsure about whether something you want to
post is appropriate, please check with us first at:


Many thanks!

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We Love Lucy Discussion Board

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